CleanChain For Suppliers

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CleanChain For Suppliers

Chemical management issues are increasingly urgent. You may need to disclose your chemical management activities in different formats and time frames.

To report on your management processes and procedures, respond to audits, or measure chemical compliance against multiple Manufacturing Restricted Substance Lists (MRSLs), you may struggle to track the data and respond.

Unprecedented Insights
CleanChain™ provides a central solution for managing chemical inventory and delivery data, and testing and discharge information, giving you insights and plans to run your business. With CleanChain:

  • Save time and costs
  • Ensure compliance against policies and commitments
  • Maximize competitiveness and maintain positive relationships
  • Minimize inventory overstock and avoid out-of-date chemicals
  • Reduce audits and wastewater tests

Confidently and Securely Share Information
To monitor progress against chemical pollution, safety and MRSL commitments, your customers need visibility into your chemicals, their origins and the levels of assured compliance.

Rely on CleanChain for all your data needs, with the control to decide who sees your information.  Enter the data once to seamlessly and securely share it with customers, saving time and costs.

Scalable Across Your Business
CleanChain leverages subject matter expertise, a managed data bureau and technology:

  • One system for chemical inventory, screening and effluent data
  • Multiple data entry processes
  • Links to third-party accreditation schemes and systems
  • Real-time MRSL lists from chemical producers
  • Customer linking
  • Performance benchmark and chemical conformance reporting
  • Reconciliation of input decisions with discharge results
  • Automated invitation to access data
  • Common SDS directory
  • Local supplier and manufacturing access
  • Multi-lingual
  • Globally-managed directory of testing labs
  • Automatic screening results and chemical supplier assurance

Getting Started
We recommend a phased approach, developing a strategy aligned with your goals, budget and commitments.

  1. Register online.
  2. Create your supplier profile.
  3. Upload your data.
  4. Link with customers.

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