Supply Chain Predictions for 2016

The global supply chain is ever-changing, affected by fuel prices, new technologies and world disasters. Here are some predictions for 2016.

Advanced analytics and learning technologies

While big data is all good and well, we need better analytics in place to make the most of this information. Alongside this we need learning technologies that can simulate supply chain scenarios and future trends. These analytics and predictive technologies will help businesses to optimize processes and improve efficiency.

More emphasis on quality, honesty and sustainability

Today’s consumers want to make sure the products they buy are safe and responsibly sourced. This means that many decisions they make will be bested on these factors rather than cost.

This will be front-and-center in the food industry, especially now that Nestle has announced the forced labor within its supply chain. Other food manufacturers will be taking steps to clean up their own supply chains.

More use of corporate cards

Businesses are increasingly looking for suppliers that take cards. This will help to streamline supply chain processes and will eliminate inefficient invoicing systems.

Business and consumer applications will become one

There are plenty of apps and technologies out there that allow individuals to increase productivity, pay for goods, set goals and more. Consumers are flooded with apps on a day-to-day basis and this is set to invade the business scene too.

There will be fewer separate apps out there are instead we’ll be seeing multipurpose technologies come to the fore.

The skills gap will be more directly addressed

As with many industries, there’s an obvious skills gap within the supply chain. This has been extensively covered over the years in the media but things are starting to change with more and more businesses hiring young talent they can train themselves.

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